Beings of Tash Kalar

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Dire WolfDire Wolf

You can see running wolf... but actually, it was simplified L-shape, as originally, the card was named Wolf Rider, and most mounted beings had an L-Shape.

Two short leaps, two nasty bites.

Strategy tips
It is pretty straightforward card. You can easily destroy up to three commons with it, or, due its simple shape and an option to move the summoned piece, it is good for fulfilling summoning tasks.

Interesting facts
This cards is one of the first cards ever created, it very soon settled its shape and its effect never changed during development. However, until almost final version, the card was called Wolf Rider, and the heroic wolf card was called Wolf Knight. It even had a picture concept:

It wasn't until finalizing names, when we decided to change it to current state and asked our artist to remove the boy off the wolf's back.