Beings of Tash Kalar

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Wild Eagle Clan Axeman Clan Healer Dire Wolf Ritual Keeper Eagle Lord Wolf Rider Blood Shaman War Drummer Hill Giant Warlord War Summoner Ritual Master Legend Slayer Mountain Troll Hungry Bear Werewolf Clan Guardian


Highland deck has common roots with the Empire decks (see History of the decks). When the decks were separated and orcs and giants left the human kingdom, orcs evolved into Highland clans - we realized that it is a bit less overused archetype, and that David Cochard's style fits better for it.

The main theme of Highland is destruction, either direct (Mountain Troll, Hill Giant, Blood Shaman) or via combat moves. Contrary to Empire, almost all of the Highland moves are combat, but most of them allow you to move only the piece representing the just summoned being.

It seemed that playing Highland will be more straightforward, but I have also added one tricky unique feature to Highland - use of colored spaces. I have created several new beings that either benefit from the fact they are summoned on a colored space, or refer these spaces in their effect. This requires a bit more planning from Highland player.