Beings of Tash Kalar

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Time MageTime Mage

The pattern is just a circle. Or a sphere. A time loop. A snake eating its own tail.

The mage stays (is summoned) outside the circle. Whatever is trapped inside may be destroyed. And you get more time!

Strategy tips
Destroying a trapped enemy is just a bonus; do not concentrate on it. The main purpose is that you summon a heroic being on one of four spaces, perhaps destroying an enemy there, and you still have the same number of actions left. Great both for tasks and for preparing mightier summonings.

Interesting facts
The Time Mage was one of the first beings created for the game. Originally, the pattern had just three pieces (an incomplete circle, with the mage being summoned on the fourth space, closing the circle) and the mage just added an action. It was too easy to set up. We added another piece, but now, the mage offers more flexibility (once your circle is complete, you can choose any of the four corners).

It was like this for some time. In the end, each faction got its own being that adds an action as its primary effect (Unicorn, War Summoner). They all had something extra, so we added this small touch of destroying the enemy inside.