Beings of Tash Kalar

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Swordmaster Messenger Herald Bomb Chronicler Assassin Time Mage Summoner Hypnotist Cannon Champion Infantry Captain Cavalry Captain Gryphon Rider Knight High Priestess Master of Intrigue Gun Tower

Infantry CaptainInfantry Captain

As with most leaders, the pattern represents the captain in front of an infantry line formation.

It allows you to command your other pieces to move and fight.

Strategy tips
It offers less moves than the Cavalry Captain, but it is more versatile. It can be strong also with common pieces (as both moves are combat) and it better arranges patterns for the following beings (because you may move two pieces). However, its pattern is less compact and thus harder to create.

Interesting facts
Originally, the combat moves had to be performed with two different pieces. It was more thematic, but weaker. This is why now it is possible to move one piece twice.