Beings of Tash Kalar

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Fire Dragon Hell Bull Angel of Death The Eldest Tree Bone Catapult Fire Elemental Leviathan Two-Headed Dragon Earth Elemental Spirit of Time Storm Elemental Titan

Fire DragonFire Dragon

You can see a flying dragon in the pattern. Or a head of a dragon, as in the illustration. Up to you.

It speaks for itself. A fire cone consisting of thee adjacent lines, each to a distance of two. Everything but legends burns to ashes, no matter whether friendly or hostile.

Strategy tips
Hey, it's a dragon. Always worth to summon :).

When you have dragon in your hand, just watch your heroic pieces. It happens relatively often that two of them form part of the pattern even if you do not try. All you then need is to get the third heroic token in place, preferably the way so the Dragon faces toward enemies. Due its aggressive pattern, it is not unusual it destroys also a legendary being by its summoning, but that needs more careful planning.

Interesting facts
The dragon is one of the original six beings that were in the very first version of the game. Its effect never changed, but its pattern did – the original dragon was a bit shorter, the three heroic tokens forming the same shape as in time elemental. The main reason to change this was that after you summoned Bone Catapult, you had already prepared Fire Dragon shape.

Try to summon the Fire Dragon the way it kills a Fire Elemental played earlier by your opponent. It is fun. Compare the Fire elemental pattern with Fire Dragon effect to learn, why.