Beings of Tash Kalar

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Fire Dragon Hell Bull Angel of Death The Eldest Tree Bone Catapult Fire Elemental Leviathan Two-Headed Dragon Earth Elemental Spirit of Time Storm Elemental Titan


You can see how the Titan towers above the ground. Also, you can notice it has similar shape as Hill Giant, only taller and more heroic.

Also the effect reminds Hill Giant, including the fact it does not recognize friends and foes, and that it destroys also one piece of his own pattern. The destruction is just way bigge; summoning Titan truly creates a hole in the board. However, pieces destroyed at the adjacent spaces do not count for purposes of Deathmatch scoring and destruction tasks in High Form. Summoning of the Titan itself (and any piece destroyed on its summon space) do, though.

Strategy tips
In Deathmatch, you do not summon Titan mostly for points. You summon it to gain advantage on the board. Board advantage may be handy also in High Form, but Titan is also good candidate for tasks that require summoning of a legend or having a legendary piece at certain spaces, as its pattern is relatively easy to create.

Interesting facts
Titan, together with Storm Elemental, was the last legend added to the game, bringing amount of legends to 12. Its shape and effect changed a bit from the start, but settled soon. It is also one of the most controversial cards – the fact you are not credited for its kills seems too harsh. But experienced players usually reveal and can use its potential.

Can you summon Titan the way it does not destruct any of your pieces? It requires improvised summoning and/or War Summoner, but it true feels as an accomplishment.