Beings of Tash Kalar

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Sometimes, pattern is inspired by the picture, sometimes by the effect. With assassin, kind of both happened. Original idea was that the diagonal line presents crowded street that distracts attention of the victim, and the assassin strikes from behind. But when the artist saw the pattern, he came with an image that fit the pattern perfectly, so now, we just see a wide spread cloak of the assassin landing behind her victim.

Assassin lands behind her target and kills it. It may be anyone. Friend or foe, common or legend – when assassin gets a mission, she do not ask. If there was a piece on the space she lands, it was just in wrong time at wrong space.

If it happens the target is not where it supposed to be, the mission is cancelled and the assassin can return.

Strategy tips
Of course, this is a great way how to kill a legend. Just three pieces (although they need to be placed very precisely). However, do not hold it in your hand if there is no legend yet, or if it is too hard to access it.

She is also great at killing heroes - do not forget that as a heroic being, she may also kill heroes by the summoning. Sometimes, you use just this effect - Assassin deals an unexpected strike to enemy lines and then pulls back.

Interesting tips
The ability to pull back was added relatively late in development. Assassin was good in some situations, but if there was no need for her services, she was hard to use, as it left a heroic token too far away from your pieces.