Beings of Tash Kalar

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Swordmaster Messenger Herald Bomb Chronicler Assassin Time Mage Summoner Hypnotist Cannon Champion Infantry Captain Cavalry Captain Gryphon Rider Knight High Priestess Master of Intrigue Gun Tower

Cavalry CaptainCavalry Captain

As with most leaders, the pattern represents the captain as the leading rider of a cavalry formation.

Similarly to the Infantry Captain, this beings allows you to move another piece. The cavalry aspect is depicted in the way it can go far and do one deadly strike during the movement. (You may imagine it either as a "charge" or a "hit and run".)

Strategy tips
You need a good cavalry. The stronger beings you have, the stronger is the Captain. In some cases, it may be wise to postpone summoning the Cavalry Captain until you have at least one heroic piece in the arena. Of course, with a legendary piece, the Captain is deadly.

Interesting fact
Originally, the effect did not allow moves in any order – it was up to two standard and then one combat move. The possibility for a "hit and run" tactic was added later, to strengthen the card.