Beings of Tash Kalar

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Swordmaster Messenger Herald Bomb Chronicler Assassin Time Mage Summoner Hypnotist Cannon Champion Infantry Captain Cavalry Captain Gryphon Rider Knight High Priestess Master of Intrigue Gun Tower


You may imagine the Summoner stand next to a wall of kalarite, facing away from that wall. The shape also reminds her hooded head and shoulders.

She creates two new pieces of kalarite in front of her. The shape of the marked spaces consists of five rays from her eyes, each two spaces long.

Strategy tips
Although not aggressive, Summoner is one of the strongest empire beings. Great at preparing patterns or fulfilling tasks that require lots of beings. For one action, you can easily add three tokens to imprison an enemy piece or to complete a chain.

Just beware, Summoner gives you so much pieces it may even let your opponent to play his or her flare.

Interesting facts
Summoner always created two common pieces, but for a long time, she had different pattern (the one of Ritual Master). But even after her pattern was settled, there were several more changes to the shape of marked spaces. We tried perimeter of a circle, a full circle, a square, and various other shapes... all of them were either too limiting, or too strong, or too difficult to imagine when there was more complicated situation on the board. In the end, we came with those five rays, as they are relatively easy to track from the Summoner even if cast in very crowded situation.