Beings of Tash Kalar

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Master of IntrigueMaster of Intrigue

Master of Intrigue is surrounded by his "little birds". (I doubt there are people who do not know what I mean by that, but it means a network of spies.)

"Fly, my little birds". Well, actually, some of them may be pretty big (heroic) and may do lots of damage. The Master himself can move, too, but more quiet (non-combat) way.

Strategy tips
Master of Intrigue is one of the strongest beings if you are able to summon him, as he can do lots of destruction, prepare complex patterns or move multiple pieces to a position required by a task.

However, it is also one of the most difficult patterns to create. Sometimes, if you have this card early in the game together with other hard to create or weaker cards, it may be a good idea to spend an action by discarding.

Interesting facts
Yes, you probably know where I got the idea a true Empire needs a man like this :).

Originally, it was able move any piece of his pattern, but three combat moves with a legendary piece was just too devastating. A player who has so many pieces on the board that he can make this pattern that includes a legend does not need strengthen even more. So, we limited it to heroic, and instead, we added him an option to move himself – for the opposite cases, when the player is weak and creates the pattern from common pieces only. Imagine how he shuffles around quietly, in his housecoat and soft slippers... :)